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Best Romantic Movies on Netflix Canada

Pretty sure these are the best romantic films currently available on Netflix Canada!

Listed in the order they came to mind.

Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon and Minnie Driver … need I say more?

Silver Linings Playbook

Realness, is romantic.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

A heartbreaking tale of first love.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

What’s more romantic than unrequited love? Nothing!

Knocked Up

Unplanned pregnancies … super romantic!


A classic 90s tale of rich kids … and love!


Real love lasts, even after death!

Happy Netflixing!

What to watch on Netflix when you’re stoned …

I’m a little late with my three Netflix suggestions of the week but it is a holiday Monday in Canada so, today feels like a Sunday to me!

Here are the best things I watched on Netflix this week …

Cult of Chucky (2017)

I’m a huge Chucky fan so I was beyond pumped to see the latest film in the series was just added to Netflix Canada. Definitely a great little horror film to watch when you are super, super, super stoned.

Coraline (2009)

I love this movie so much! All the characters are wearing miniature clothes that were made by hand! I saw this film in theatre when it first came out and will probably watch it repeatedly for the rest of my life. I think regardless of how stoned or not stoned you are, this is an amazing movie to watch on a chilly fall night!

Stranger Things (Season 1, 2016)

The new season is coming out very soon, so now is the time to watch Stranger Things for the first time or rewatch the first season before the second season is released into the world!

Happy Netflixing Witches!

Netflix While Stoned: Scream Queens and a couple of psychological thrillers!

I’m so excited October is here!

Are you? Do you have special ways you celebrate this magical spooky season?

I think there’s no better way to celebrate this first day of this most wonderful month than by watching something scary on Netflix tonight!

Here’s the three best scary things I watched on Netflix this week …

Backcountry (2015)

This Canadian psychological thriller is the perfect film to watch just as camping season is coming to a close, or when your partner won’t stop nagging you to go camping with them! It was shot up in Thunder Bay, Ontario and is all about suspense … and a couple of very graphic scenes.

The Invitation (2016)

Another psychological thriller! This one would be perfect to watch after a nice dinner party with your closest friends. Logan Marshall-Green is the star and the whole time I was watching I tried to remember what I’ve seen him in before. He’s definitely been in a lot of stuff but upon investigation, I know him best from teen-angst drama, The O.C. … which is wildly embarrassing.

Scream Queens (2015 – 2016)

Last but certainly not least, I’ve finished The Fall so now I’m on to a new murder-filled show but this one is super zany and fun! A second season of Scream Queens has just arrived to Netflix so if you are in the mood to binge-watch, I highly recommend this show. It is a scream.

Happy Netflixing Witches and HAPPY OCTOBER!

Stoner Netflix Picks: Laughs, Lady Gaga and Murder, Murder, Murder

I watch something on Netflix almost every day but I’ve gotten out of the habit of sharing what I’ve been streaming. Writing movie reviews was my first real job and I think I need to go back to my roots. I feel so at peace when I’m writing about what I’ve watched on Netflix. So for my readers and I both, I’m going to try to start posting three Netflix recommendation every Sunday. Starting today! Think I can do it? We’ll see!


Netflix made a documentary about Lady Gaga and it is now available to stream! This film pairs really well with a giant joint and a lazy afternoon. I had no idea how much physical pain Lady Gaga deals with on the regular. Five Foot Two is definitely an interesting little glimpse into the life of a global star.


I tried to watch The Fall when it first came out but just found it way too sick and intense. I randomly tried watching it again on the weekend though and now I’m totally hooked. Normally I have no patience for stories about men killing women but this series is riddled with strong women. Gillian Anderson who you probably know from The X-Files and Archie Panjabi who you probably know from The Good Wife are both super great in this series, as they are in everything.

Even though The Fall is super dark, it constantly reminds me of the fact that writing for a living really isn’t stressful at all in the grand scheme of things, which make me feel totally relaxed. I highly recommend practicing an Irish accent while you watch this show and … not watching it if you are a woman living alone.


Jerry Seinfeld has a new comedy special on Netflix called Jerry Before Seinfeld and it is definitely classic Jerry goodness. Here’s a funny promo for it where he meets Underwood from House of Cards.

Alright I’m off to watch more of The Fall … Happy Netflixing!

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