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Autoflowering Souvenirs

Just a few autoflowering souvenirs! White Widow is one of my all-time favourite strains but I’ve never tried an auto cultivar of it. Everyone I meet seems to have mixed-feeling about autoflowering cannabis strains. I feel like maybe they are meant to be houseplants?

Have you tried a Genius Pipe?

“Genius Pipe provides healthy experience with lasting results every time.”

A healthy smoking experience? Um, tough sell and the latter part about lasting results just leaves me feeling very confused. Maybe I’m just not stoned enough though.

It is funny to think back to when my family was first trying to force me to give up smoking and switch to vaping cannabis instead. I was highly resistant to this change but now I rarely enjoy smoking.

Nonetheless I was curious about the Genius Pipe, so the @biggreengrower tried one for me and … he thinks …

”It works really well and it cools the smoke as advertised. Not a single cough yet. My only complaint is the size of the bowl. Heavier users will likely have to reload it a couple of times per smoke session.”

My curiosity is now quenched. I could see me getting one of these for traveling someday but not for my day-to-day getting high routine.

You can learn more about the Genius Pipe here:

FrHIGHday the 13th

For Friday the 13th I almost got a walk-in flash tattoo and then fell asleep on my friend’s couch watching horror movies. Did you celebrate?

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