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Dr.Dabber Honeymat

I am pretty into my new Dr.Dabber Honeymat! I got the large version and use it as a¬†heat resistant non-stick mat for my rig. I will probably use it to organize concentrates, eventually …

Also pretty into Dr.Dabber’s new caterpillar stickers! Haha.

Glass Shack, Kingston, Ontario

I stopped by Glass Shack north of Kingston, Ontario.

Super lovely little studio where a plethora of glassblowers spend time on the torches!

@BonitaTricOm photo of¬†@crossman_glass‘ back, @chefbuddersglass¬†blowing into a tube and the side of my face!

@BonitaTricOm photo of @crossman_glass.

@BonitaTricOm photo of moi.

@BonitaTricOm photo of @chefbuddersglass working away.

@BonitaTricOm photo of pipes made by … ? Holler if you recognize the work please!

@BonitaTricOm photo @jailerpot beads!

Pendant made by @crossman_glass.

Pendant made by @crossman_glass.

Dabbers, shot glasses, q-tip jars and beads made by @crossman_glass and @jailerpot.

I love all their stuff! I love what they make and the colours they choose! Also, let the record show, the great folks at Glass Shack are cat people and @chefbuddersglass is too!!

They were cold… what was I going to say, no? LOL

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Seasons Change, Bubble Hash Is Made


Bubble Hash in the winter.

@BonitaTricOm photo

@BonitaTricOm photo


Bubble Hash in the spring.

Shout out to the seasons for continuing to change and to Bubble Bags for being the best!

Do you love Bubble Hash?

Larger Format Glass Dragon

Need a new pipe? Tired of larger format glass dragons? You could purchase a bong¬†from Tokyo Smoke, or you could go with High Times‚Äô more cost-effective alternative¬†offered in their ‚ÄúMarijuana For Everybody‚ÄĚ calendar.

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