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Alchemy Mint Weed Pipe!

Working on applying full colour to pipes again. This one is wrapped with Alchemy Mint from Glass Alchemy! I broke the top of it just as I was about to transfer it to the kiln. It was repaired and now is a little square. I don’t view failed glass pieces as a waste of time, practice is practice and having fun is what it is all about!

The classic question flameworkers get asked is, “how long did it take you to make that?” … the answer is however long the artist has been blowing glass!

Dichroic Borosilicate Fun Failures

I don’t think I’ll ever actually use dichroic glass on the regular but I wanted to know how to work with it nonetheless. The trick with it is, you need to encase it, without the design / film ever being hit by the flame! Here are my learning failures. Maybe I will try again some day!

My First Full Colour Wrap Pipe!

Working on some colour wrap designs! Totally uncharted territory for me. This one is made with “amber purple” … yes all one colour. It is a “striking” colour which means temperature settings change its appearance. I call them “trickster” colours because I never look them up being using them and thus never know what colour they will turn into.

Next step is doing full colour wraps that are also wrapped in clear!

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