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My rooster got a girlfriend … and a new hairdo …

Meet Ted McChicken, all grown up with a his fancy new hairdo (comb) and his girlfriend Chickaletta. They love hanging out in my sunflowers and Ted is just so happy he isn’t the only chicken in town anymore!


Have any questions about raising chickens? Ask me anything!

Working on some new mushroom pendant designs …

I’m working on some new mushroom pendant designs and the is one of them! I love working with the purple colour (it is called Wisteria) and I’m equally in love with making black mushrooms! This almost looks like the mushrooms growing on my front lawn right now … I suspect they are highly poisonous.

Arizer Solo II Vaporizer Review

I know more people who own Arizer vaporizers than any other brand. Arizer makes several different vapes and I think I know at least two people who own each one. The Solo II is one of Arizer’s newest vapes — they’ve also come out with a second edition of their Air.

I know a lot of people who own either the original Solo or Air. So not only did I try the Solo II but I also passed it around to my Arizer-loving friends. They all said this is the best Arizer vape yet!

I blow glass so obviously I love the borosilicate (hard glass) pathway for the vapor but with other Arizer portable vapes I’ve had trouble with bits of weed going through the mouthpiece. Luckily, this unit is shipped with screens! Use them! For me personally, that is the only thing that has ever really bugged me about Arizer vapes. Not an insult as screens are necessary with a lot of inhaling apparatus.

The Solo II isn’t the smallest vape in the world but it is compact enough and seems to have a pretty good battery life. This vape is great for around the house or to bring to work for your lunch break, just isn’t suited for secretly vaping while you walk down the street. The Solo II is a bit larger around than the Air but it is light enough and definitely the vaporizer I’d recommend to people looking to buy their first vape.

Overall, I would recommend the Solo II to family and friends, especially to those who are not looking to spend a fortune!

You can check out all of Arizer’s products and prices here:

Happy Vaping!

Like Bill Skarsgård who played “IT” in the recent remake? Watch this on Netflix …

Everyone is talking about Bill Skarsgård the Swedish actor who played IT in the recent remake. I was first introduced to Bill Skarsgård in Netflix’s “Hemlock Grove.” He reminds me on a young Steve Bushemi!

“Hemlock Grove” was barely talked about in comparison to Stranger Things” but it is actually one of my favourites. Definitely meant for teenagers but I love it! Probably because there are some unique and creepy monsters in it.

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