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I’ve been blogging for over five years and it weirds me out.

I don’t want to fact check this but I’m almost certain I have been blogging for over five years now. I have lots of feelings about this. I wonder how time can pass so quickly and also how long someone can, or should, do any one thing for …

Sometimes I think about trying to sell my domain so that it forces me to start something totally new. Would that just be me looking for rebirth? Is that what I need? Any high bidders out there want to buy Ha. For real though.

I guess I’ll keep blogging until something stops me, or I forget that I have a blog. I’m curious to see when I walk away and why. I must really like blogging if I’ve been doing it this long. Especially considering the fact that none of my romantic relationships have lasted longer than two years plus a day.

Happy Blue Monday & The Black Dog of Sadness

Sadness is part of life. With or without Blue Monday. Antidepressants make me manic, so therapy and the list of activities below are what helps me cope with low moods. When my mood is so black that I can’t do much other than cry while staring at a wall, I turn to music!

The greatest therapy of all.

Get happy to-do list:

  • pat a cat
  • call a friend
  • draw something
  • watch a movie
  • have a nap
  • take a bath
  • go for a walk
  • vape some weed
  • listen to music, endlessly
  • let time pass
  • do something nice, for someone else

My rooster got a girlfriend … and a new hairdo …

Meet Ted McChicken, all grown up with a his fancy new hairdo (comb) and his girlfriend Chickaletta. They love hanging out in my sunflowers and Ted is just so happy he isn’t the only chicken in town anymore!


Have any questions about raising chickens? Ask me anything!

The Stoner’s Guide to Back to School Shopping

As if it is September already! Are you all ready for it or do you still need to go back to school shopping? If you do, here are some things I highly recommend spending your money on! From vapes to my favourite soda, every product on this list is something I’d recommend to a friend!

Think pot doesn’t lend well to getting good grades? Check out my article about just that topic at the following link:

Cherry Cola!

stoner girl photo of a bottle of Fentimans Cherry Cola

Fentimans Cherry Cola is delicious and rich with caffeine. This soda pairs well with studying … or procrastinating.

A Waterproof Vape!

Always late for class? Love to wake-and-bake? You could save time by vaping in the shower every morning, thanks to Vapium! Read my full review of the Summit + at the following link:

The Vapium Summit + is available at VapeWorld:

Dope Soap!

I know this soap is designed for kids but it is healthy and smells like oranges and I love it to bits! I literally just buy a bunch of these big pump containers and use this soap for everything! It is my hand soap, my body wash and my shampoo. I find it is gentle enough that I don’t have to use conditioner, so overall this soap is a sweet-smelling time-saver! Look for it at your local healthfood store or dope grocery store.

I also dig the tropical coconut scented soap from the same company! Both the orange and tropical coconut are available online at

Dabs on the Go!

I’m pretty into my Dr. Dabber Black Edition Boost. You can read my full review here:

The Boost is my preferred method of doing rosin dabs when I’m traveling or at a party!

Cannabis-Infused Soda!

Always miss your morning classes if you hit up a kegger? You could skip the beer and bring a cannabis-infused sparkling beverage to the party instead. Just make sure you understand the laws regarding edibles where you live … and don’t get arrested! 😉

You can read more about the soda above here:

Dope Books!

Not going back to school this fall? Doesn’t mean you have to stop learning! There is always more to learn about cannabis and psychedelics and Green Candy Press can help you increase your knowledge!

Green Candy Press just released a 3rd Edition of The Cannabis Grow Bible, it is huge and beautiful:

Hilarious Underwear!

I love my Period Panties so much. If you don’t own a pair, I highly recommend treating yourself just in time for Halloween season! They are super comfy and they always make me smile. Money well spent!

You can read more about Period Panties here:

A Unique Vape!

Want a vape that will be the coolest one at the first party of the school year? The Hydrology9 is a unique vaporizer that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

The Hydrology9 is available at the following link:

You can read my full review of the Hydrology9 here:

Good Coffee!

Don’t waste your student dollars on Starbucks this year. Get yourself even better coffee and make it at home. This organic coffee from Ethiopia is pretty dope! I find it less acidic than other coffee and think it is the best study-buddy.

You can learn more about Level Ground Trading coffee here:

A Luxurious Vape!

I am very attached to my DAVINCI IQ. It is one of my most prized possessions and the little carrying case makes this great flower vape easy to find in my purse! If you received an academic scholarship for the year, I think you deserve an extra special vaporizer.

You can read my full review of the IQ here:

Pre-Rolled Cones!

No matter how many vapes you own, I think you still need some pre-rolled cones! They save time and tend to impress. I like RAW’s the best:

Want something even fancier? VapeWorld has GOLD rolling papers:


Mac & Cheese is a super classic student meal. I’m not into KD though, I reach for Nudge and make it extra special with avocado, extra cheese and hot sauce!

You can check out all of Nudge’s cheesy goodness here:

Alarm Clock on Wheels!

I’d like to think every student needs an alarm clock on wheels! I can always count on Clocky to roll away and drag me out of bed with its horrendous robot noises. This annoying alarm clock is adorable and worth every penny!

My indispensable alarm clock on wheels is made by Nanda Home:

Your Favourite Strain for Getting Things Done!

Getting high and getting good grades are two things that I think go together wonderfully. Though finding your ideal strain for productivity helps. My favourite strain to inhale when I need to get things done is CBD Skunk Haze! What’s yours? Find it, stock up and get high and productive! I get my CBD Skunk Haze from Tweed.

Happy September everyone!

Grasp the magic that fall has to offer!!!!!

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