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At The Mayfair Theatre: Trench 11

I visited the historic Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario last night. Such an amazing place to enjoy a film, it has been around since 1932 and the popcorn prices are still outrageously reasonable!

My friends and I watched a movie called Trench 11, which is a horror film set in World War I. This film is all about how evil men of science can get! Which is pretty fucking evil.

There is only one woman in the entire film, and her time on screen is brief. The man she is sleeping with tells her, “she’ll love Winnipeg.” Which everyone in the theatre got a real kick out of. (No offense, Winnipeg.)

We’ve seen Nazi zombies before (Dead Snow) but this film approaches the subject in a way that … is in my opinion, actually fairly realistic, setting it apart from many other films in the genre.

Some might say the disturbing creatures that used to be men in this movie are not zombies but … I say close enough!

Final thought: Trench 11 is 1,000 times better than The Walking Dead. Fear parasitic worms and being trapped underground? This film is for you!

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” Review

The Rotten Tomatoes critics gave this film only 51% but I think it is 100% what I expected and exactly the film it should be.

Maybe none of the critics paired it with a Sour Tangie and Lemon Skunk combo joint, smoked quickly while walking into the theatre. Which is their bad, not the film’s.

This flick is fluff that will make you jump once or twice. There is love (but not too much love), dinosaurs, good guys, bad guys, lava and the most ridiculous scene ever created involving a crying dinosaur.

What more could you really want from this movie? … Other than more Goldblum but if you want more Goldblum, just watch the The Fly trailer recut as a romantic film below. Or watch the original Jurassic Park I guess … or get really high and enjoy Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, in theaters now … or whatever!


“Get Out” (2017) Review

Get Out (2017) – Rotten Tomatoes

Rating: 99% – ‎269 reviews

Get Out (2017) is now available for rent or purchase on iTunes. This thrilling horror film stars Daniel Kaluuya and Marnie from Girls.

I thought this movie would be good but it exceeded all of my expectations! Definitely the best horror movie I’ve seen in awhile. I highly recommend watching Get Out if you love horror / haunting imagery!

The Hallow (2015)

I watched The Hallow — it was pretty good! Then I went for a walk in the woods by myself … that was a little … rough on the mind! Dare you to try it. 😉

Stoner Girl Hitchcock Marathon

I love Hitchcock because he made some super classics and I tell myself his wife made most of the directing decisions.

Feel like having a little Hitchcock Marathon? I suggest you watch these films in this order and get really stoned first!


Rear Window

The Birds


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