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Jessica Catalano — Our Stoner Girl of Winter 2015

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Super pleased and honored to announce that …

 Jessica Catalano is our Stoner Girl of Winter 2015!!!! 


Jessica Catalano is a Professional Culinarian and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine published by Green Candy Press. She is a Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Lifestyle advocate who has combined her two loves of food and cannabis into stylish medicated dishes for Medical Cannabis patients. Catalano pioneered the idea of infusing terpenes into cooking and baking via strain specific recipes to elevate the flavors in the edibles she creates. What this means is that she uses specific strains in specific recipes to enhance the flavor profiles of the dishes she constructs. For example, Lemon Kush can be paired with Vietnamese Spring Rolls. By doing this, the Lemon Kush will impart a lemony taste with floral and mint undertones which deepens the flavors in this dish because of the similar taste profiles already present in the ingredients. This also helps patients to understand the importance of flavor profiles in recipes for a more enjoyable experience and how each strain will effect their bodies.

Catalano is a Medical Cannabis patient herself and has extensive knowledge since early 1997 for medicinal purposes. She continues to strive for excellence both in cooking, baking and Medical Cannabis knowledge. Her goal is to help as many Medical Cannabis patients as she possibly can creating a better quality of life for them. She explores the health benefits of cooking with cannabis which when balanced with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help promote a longer and more fulfilling life. She is also a passionate snowboarder and runner who draws upon inspiration from exploring the Colorado Rocky Mountains to fuel creativity in the kitchen.


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Since receiving The Ganja Kitchen Revolution, Jessica Catalano has been a constant source of inspiration for me, both in and out of the kitchen! Jessica is a beautiful person in every possible way and there are so many dope and delicious recipes in The Ganja Kitchen Revolution — I highly recommend it to everyone who adores food and Cannabis. I have witnessed this book entrance and excite both the novice and professional chefs in my life. Jessica has an amazing positive energy that she shares with the world through everything she writes and creates. She is a perfect example of someone who allows people to feel like their best selves, just as the are. Jessica is following her passions, speaking truth and living with love in her heart. I know she will embolden our readers and renew a love of Cannabis, food, life and winter — the season she was born in and enjoys to the very fullest! unnamed-3


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Check out Jessica Catalano’s …

Vietnamese Lemon Kush Kief Spring Rolls, French Mixed Berry Kush Compote and Indian Mandala Curried Chickpeas!

tgkr_Vietnamese Lemon Kush Kief Springroll-2 tgkr_final_French Mixed Berry Kush Compote x_final_Indian Mandala #1 Curried Chickpeas

All from The Ganja Kitchen Revolution!


Find Jessica and her uplifting words and dishes on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!



Check out my interview with Jessica Catalano — our Stoner Girl of Winter 2015!


OG: If a 5-year-old asked you what you do for a living, what would you say?

I would tell them that I am a Chef that makes medicine out of one of God’s plants called Cannabis and then adds that medicine to food to heal sick people.

OG: Would you suggest the same 5-year-old follow a path similar to yours?

I would suggest that if the child wants to be a healer and follow the same path, that he/she practice making healthy food first for family and friends, and when he/she gets old enough, that they can start adding the healing herb as an ingredient.

OG: Can you list your passions in order of importance?

My passions all rank in the same number one position as I feel one isn’t more important than the other because they are all important to me with the same weight. I am very passionate about the following: Food, cooking and baking, cannabis, cannabis edibles, normalizing cannabis through food, growing cannabis, fighting and advocating for patient/human rights, writing, using my pen/words as a weapon against oppressors, fighting against female stereotypes, showing compassion and love towards all animals especially sick/injured/stray ones, snowboarding, hiking/running, spirituality, and spending time with my family.

OG: Any advice for women looking for a Cannabis related career?

Follow your heart and passion in life and it will set you onto the correct life path. If you are a woman who specializes in or is passionate about making healing salves and tinctures, then do it. Constantly practice your art and progress yourself. Maybe start a blog about it or write about it in a magazine or start your own brand. If you follow your true calling and stay on your true life path, everything will take care of itself. Trust in the universe and your calling.

OG: Can you talk about a few inspirations and/or motivations for how you live your life?

I find daily inspiration in nature, snowboarding, music, passion in others, the mountains, and animal spirit guides. Therefore I try to live as my true organic self in a very grounded and humbled way. I also know one can never stop learning and I always strive to become the best version of me, in other words, allow yourself to become your future self.

OG: Is there something about yourself that you think people would be shocked to know?

I am seriously creeped out by Barn Owls. As a huge bird and animal lover, this puzzles most people. But it is no joke. They look like demented aliens and sound like a screeching harpy, they are just awful! The mere sight or sound of them sends shivers up and down my spine, which will be followed shortly by a “Fu*ck that!” as I make my exit.

OG: Do you remember when you first smoked pot?

Yes, when I was 14 and we had to smoke out of a pop can because my girlfriend couldn’t find her pipe.

OG: How do you feel about Cannabis?

It is one of God’s greatest gifts to this planet. I heart cannabis so much!

OG: Do you have some favourite strains of Cannabis?

I have so many! Here are a few: Red Headed Stranger #6, Grape Ape, Super Lemon Haze, L.A Woman, Strawberry Cough, Alaskan Ice, LSD, Agent Orange, Northern Lights, and Lime Green Skunk just to name a few.

OG: Favourite spots to smoke pot?

Mountain tops, ski slopes, chair lifts, alpine lakes, parking lots, and my backyard by the creek.

OG: Favourite thing to eat when you are high?

I love to devour fresh pomegranates, blackberries, watermelon, chocolate peanut butter cups, fish tacos, baked sweet potatoes with butter/honey/cinnamon, BLT’s, brie/prosciutto/olive platters with fresh baked bread, uncured salami with white cheddar cheese and stone wheat crackers, and anything sweet/salty.

Chocolate Thai #Nutella #Bacon #Croissant. Recipe via #420Lifestyle #Edibles #MMJ #TGKR

A photo posted by The Ganja Kitchen Revolution (@chefjessicacatalano) on

OG: What is your favourite way to spend a day?

Snowboarding with my husband and friends, followed by safety meetings in the trees or chairlift, followed by coming home to make homemade pizza and a fresh salad then sitting by the fire with my love while we devour delicious food, followed by puppy snuggles with our two dogs.

OG: Can you talk about the process of finding your writing voice?

I really like to find inspiration in nature and the outdoors for my writing. A lot of times I will take walks or hikes or go snowboarding in the mountains until I find inspiration for my writing voice. Other times I will find inspiration in old books, favorite albums, unique restaurants that locally source their food, or even in conversations with people. Inspiration is all around us, we just need to learn how to listen.

OG: Can you tell us about your writing process please. Coffee? Patting cats? Pacing?

Most definitely coffee! After I have found my inspiration I really like to sit outside by the creek in my backyard. I bathe in the warm sun and cool mountain breeze while drinking black coffee out of my favorite mug. I listen to the water rolling fiercely in front of me, the sound of the wind through the trees, and the soft chatter of birds that hang out with me. Most mornings I still have an edible from the previous night still lingering, so my body is happily relaxed. While I am basking in nature and enjoying my cup of coffee my mind becomes incredibly relaxed. At that point, words begin to just flow and I return inside to write.

OG: Any advice for stoner girls who would like to get a book published?

I had the blessing of being approached by a publisher with a book offer. This isn’t always the case, but it happened because of the blog I started. The Ganja Kitchen Revolution was a blog first before a book where free strain specific cannabis recipes were uploaded weekly. My suggestion would be to start a blog and see where it goes. Then maybe write an outline of a book idea that also includes a chapter outline and book proposal. Send it to places you would like to get published and allow yourself to be open to constructive criticism. If an idea doesn’t work, try another. But I suggest getting a publisher over self-publishing, as anyone can self-publish a book but not everyone can get published.

OG: Advice for stoner girls who would like to freelance for a living?

Freelancing is fun and allows for a very flexible schedule. Contact websites or magazines you are interested in to see about any opportunities. Always stay inspired so that the content keeps rolling.

OG: Advice for anyone who wants to start running?

Running is a commitment and you have to start slow. First, start with intervals of walking and a slow paced jog for a mile. Do this 3x a week. Then move up to a slow paced jog for one mile 3x a week. After that, move up to a fast paced jog 3x a week for one mile. By the fourth week you should be able to run a mile 3x a week. After that, start increasing your amount of days then work on increasing your miles. At that point, you can take on a free training schedule from apps such as RunKeeper to get yourself ready for a 5k or go online to various websites to print out a training program. Whatever your goal is, have fun with it and take it at your own pace! Running is an extremely liberating activity and highly meditative. And lastly, cannabis is a bronchial dilator, so consuming a small edible about 5mg-10mg an hour before running will help you to breathe easier.

OG: What would you say to someone who says they cannot cook or bake?

Never say never! Cooking or baking takes practice as well as passion. So if you have the drive to cook or bake because you love food, know you will screw recipes up and that is okay. Don’t let a disaster deter you from trying again. But if you practice, you will begin to understand errors, things you may be doing wrong, or why a recipe didn’t work, which will help you to master it and be successful.

OG: How important are beauty, money and fashion?

I personally have a penchant for always being presentable, and I like to accentuate my features with makeup and good clothes. But I do not follow the rules of fashion or what someone says is in vogue for the season. I wear what appeals to me, what is classic or unique, and what flatters my figure, regardless if it is in season or not. And I am a huge proponent of thrift store shopping up here in the mountains as super rich people here literally throw their clothes away. Fashion is really arbitrary if you think about it. Don’t get me started on money…haha. You don’t see birds paying for berries found on trees now do you?

OG: How much coffee is too much coffee?

There is no limit on a damn good cup of coffee!


OG: What do you think the best and worst drugs in the world are?

Meth is by far the worst drug in the world. If you actually look at the ingredients, you would be saying the same exact thing. And obviously, cannabis is the best drug in the world, natural and safe.

OG: What do you think the secrets to happiness are?

Learning to love yourself, learning not to get caught up in the rat race, living humbly and as simple as possible, and always remaining grounded in nature.

OG: Can you touch on something you had to overcome in order to get to where you are now?

I had to overcome people thinking I had a “drug problem” because I used cannabis. I have had to constantly educate people on the medical benefits of cannabis and help break peoples misconceptions about the plant. But it is a beautiful thing when someone was once stuck in the mental notion of Reefer Madness and now has let that go because they allowed themselves to open up to the truth.

OG: When do you think women need to be really brave?

I think when they are about to pop out a baby! Some women loose it during child birth because the pain is so insurmountable. I witnessed it both with family members giving birth and when I worked in Labor & Delivery.

OG: What are you most proud of? It can be anything!

My Book, The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine.

OG: What stoner stereotypes do you fully embrace? Are there any that you find offensive or untrue?

I fully embrace being that earth mama who is grounded and in tune with all the elements of nature. I do however find that some people stereotype weed smoking with low IQ which I find highly offensive and untrue.

OG: When you think “stoner girl”–who comes to mind? So many cool a*s chicks! OG: How do you feel about feminism?

I love it! The advocacy of women’s rights for political, social, and economic equality is very important to our society and other cultures. Even in a modern era, women are still suffering injustices and inequality.

OG: What do you think the next wave of feminism will be like?

I think the next wave will be women in other countries who currently have no rights, finally being granted their human rights and freedoms.

OG: Some things you think every stoner girl should see and/or hear?

They should see what it is like to be at 14,000 feet on top of a mountain (whether driving or hiking) and should hear ocean waves while in a foreign country.

OG: Any quotes you’ll never stop saying, to yourself or others?

“You see, I think drugs have done some good things for us. I really do. And if you don’t believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor. Go home tonight. Take all your albums, all your tapes and all your CDs and burn them. ‘Cause you know what, the musicians that made all that great music that’s enhanced your lives throughout the years were rrreal fucking high on drugs. The Beatles were so fucking high they let Ringo sing a few tunes.” – Bill Hicks

“Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?” – Bill Hicks

OG: Can you comment on a few women you look up to?

I most definitely look up to my Mother, Older Sister, and Madonna.

OG: Anyone you’d love to work on a project with?

Gordon Ramsay.

OG: What are three things you would like to be known for?

My passion, pioneering strain specific edibles for taste, and normalizing cannabis through food.

OG: How do you relax when you feel stressed?

I like to go for a run by the lake to decompress.

OG: How many cats are too many cats, for one woman to own?

A woman can have as many as she wants! So long as she takes care of them all and realizes she may not get out much to date if she has over 20 of them.

OG: Can you tell us a little bit about your animal family members?

I have a beautiful Weimaraner Mr. Fritz, a mischievous Jack Shit (Jack Russell Terrier and Shih Tzu) Miss Jenny, and a little dinosaur Cockatiel named Penny Lane.

OG: You have beautiful hair, can you share with us how you care for it?

Thank you 🙂 Natural scalp oil is the way to go for nice hair. I wash my hair with shampoo every two days. Then on the other days I just rinse my hair with warm water and run my fingers from scalp to roots. I started doing this after my hair dresser told me the benefits of this process as it allows the oils from your scalp to take care of your hair the way nature intended. Your hair will still smell fresh but if you feel the need you can drag essential oils through your hair such as rose water to liven it up. The reason people need to do deep oil treatments or deep conditioning is because they have stripped out all the natural oils from their scalp from over shampooing.

OG: Any natural beauty products you can’t get enough of?

I cannot get enough of raw shea and cocoa butter for my face and skin.

OG: What songs always make you dance? Anything dubstep or trip hop or industrial.

(Onya’s recommendations 😉 )

OG: Do you have a favourite song that is about Cannabis?

The Doors “Light my Fire” is my favorite. To me it has a dual meaning of sex and cannabis.

OG: Can you share with us four things you’ve written that mean the most to you?

My book, an article for SKUNK Magazine called “Scooby Snacks” for therapeutic cannabis edibles for pets, an article for Ladybud Magazine “Cannabis And Christianity: Why I Believe Jesus Would Oppose The Drug War” and another article for Ladybud Magazine “Crow Medicine: Exploring Spirituality with Cannabis”. 

OG: What do you love most about Winter?

I love how quiet the world becomes especially during a heavy snowfall. It is as if all the chatter of the world is drowned out while everyone seeks refuge in their warm homes. I revel in this time by going for hikes, walks, or snowboarding. The world truly feels like yours where you can really take in the beauty of the season and of your surroundings.

OG: What do you love most about nature walks in the wintertime?

I love the quietness, the stillness except for the wind or snow falling in large clumps off of the pine trees, the animals coming to say hi or leaving tracks in the snow, birds singing in the trees and how the sound of their feathers flapping seem to echo for miles, the crunch of the snow beneath my boots, the cool sharp stinging artic air rushing my lungs, the way the beautiful white crystalline blanket of ice puts the earth to sleep, and the way the trees creak ever so loudly from the cold.

OG: What time of day do you love to go walking the most?

I love to go walking either around 10am or just before sunset during the twilight hour.

OG: Can you share one (or a few) of your favourite memories of meeting animals in the wilderness in during Winter?

One particular day I took both dogs out for a walk through the mountain trails in my backyard. It was late morning around 10ish and it was a bluebird day. No one was on the trail except for us, so we could hear every little sound. I let the dogs off their leads and they began running like a pack of wolves down the trail. The thumps of their paws loosened snow from low pine branches near that trail that created a swirl of glittering pixie dust behind them. We ventured deeper into the forest, and then all three of us stopped as a heavy gust of wind picked up which blanketed us in a funnel of sparkles. The wind died down and the heavy creaking of old trees shifted our attention, almost as if it were beckoning us. We hiked up a small face of the mountain gaining elevation until our feet hit another trail through dense forest. A singular tree began creaking loudly and a few more steps onto the trail revealed a brilliant forest of song. Birds of all kinds were singing happily and flying from tree to tree. Mr. Fritz my Weimaraner began stalking a small group of Ravens that were croaking merrily in the branches. I called to Fritz to knock it off and leave the birds alone, to which he obliged but was not happy about it. The Ravens turned around to look me in the eyes as almost if to say “Thank You”. Their dark ebony eyes were so deep and vast that I felt entranced and Raven was reminding me of his medicine. He let out a big noise then flew off with his flock mates. My attention shifted to a bird I could not see but who was trying to get my attention. His loud and sharp call pierced my ears as he kept flying from tree to tree watching my every move. Each branch blinded my ability to see what he was, till finally I asked out loud “Who are you?” Almost immediately I hear the familiar sound of a Woodpecker drumming a rhythmic familiar noise on the pine tree he was hiding in. “Ah, ha! Hi Woodpecker friend!”, I said out loud. Then he flew past my head and down the trail. I followed suit and we progressed down the trail with the pups. The songs of the forest began to reach an almost deafening beautiful sound as I found we were surrounded by little birds of all kinds. Sparrows, Chickadees, and other small sparrow like birds, in large groups in different areas of the forest singing their hearts out. All the pine trees and aspens were alive with movement of little bodies. The wind picked up again, and I felt as if the energy of the nature spirits of the forest were surrounding us with love and energy. As we began our descent down the trail to head home, a loud Blue Jay called to us. He literally hung from a pine tree with his head dangling while looking at all three of us. The dogs continued down the trail but I paused to look at him. I greeted him and he continued to call while looking at me inquisitively. All of a sudden, another Blue Jay flew beside him, and they both paused to look at me before flying off. When I finally made it down the trail I realized at that point in my life that Raven, Woodpecker, the little sparrows and chickadees, and Blue Jays were calling to me to pay attention to their medicine again.

OG: Your piece Crow Medicine: Exploring Spirituality with Cannabis is very powerful. Do you have any reading recommendations for those who would like to learn more about these topics?

Thank you very much 🙂 I am so happy that you appreciate that. I would absolutely recommend “Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook” by Steven D. Farmer.

Jessica Catalano Photo

Jessica Catalano Photo

OG: Are there any birds that appear in your life during the winter months? 

Ravens, crows, Blue Jays, Magpies, Woodpeckers, Red Tailed Hawks, Falcons, and various forms of chickadees and sparrows tend to present themselves during the winter.

"Does wisdom perhaps appear on the earth as a raven which is inspired by the smell of carrion?" #RavenMedicine #Hyperawareness #IndigoChild

A video posted by The Ganja Kitchen Revolution (@chefjessicacatalano) on

OG: Advice for a stoner girl who wants to learn how to snowboard?

Learn from someone that has been snowboarding at least 15-20 years to truly learn the in’s and out’s the first time. And have patience! You are going to fall a lot, but once you master the basic principles you will be incredibly happy that you stuck with it.


OG: Where should stoners visit in Colorado?

Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs in Colorado Springs, Summit County which is the High Country in Colorado (mountains and ski resorts, also where I live), Aspen, South Park (Yes, from the show), Beaver Creek, Red Rocks in Morrison, for the most mind blowing concert of your life  and of course the big city of Denver.

OG: Out of all the places you’ve been–where do you think Stoner Heaven is?

Colorado hands down. Specifically, surrounded by the beauty of the mountains.

OG: What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

I am looking forward to the evolution in the cannabis industry and the new advancements.

OG: What excites you the most about your future?

New culinary frontiers!

OG: What’s next for you?

Another book, more rad magazine articles, and new game changers in the world of cannabis cuisine are definitely next.

Thank you so much for your time and all your thoughtful and inspiring words Jessica!

I can’t wait to buy your next book!!! 

Toke it easy everyone!


Check out Jessica enjoying the mountain snow in her SGG Forever Lazy!


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Julia LeConte — Our 2014 Stoner Girl of Fall

Super excited to have Julia LeConte be our 2014 Stoner Girl of Fall! In Julia’s own words, she is a “feminist first, everything else second” — one of the many reasons we adore her!

Julia is a Writer currently living in Toronto, Ontario where she inspires girls (boys and everyone in between) all across the city through her work as Now Magazine’s Music Editor. It is a very rare occasion that Julia being awesome does not come up in conversation when the Stoner Girls are laying around smoking weed.

We chose Julia as our 2014 Stoner Girl of Fall because she is a captivating writer, rad and sincere person, who smokes weed (when she feels like it) and supports us gals who feel like it all the time! PLUS she is totally gorgeous and brilliant in every other way possible! My heart feels lighter knowing there are people like her in the world. She is a ray of sunshine through a feminist lens!

Here is our guide to her writing (our favourite pieces), all perfect examples of her wonderful spirit and intelligence!

Julia LeConte’s Bio

Röyksopp and Robyn at Echo Beach

Video Music Awards big on Beyoncé, short on surprises

The real problem with Taylor Swift’s video?

Julia LeConte’s Top Ten Albums

Joe Fresh sucks anyways

The following video features Julia and lots of great discourse on Pop Music and Feminism! Below that is my interview with Julia, which is both amusing and inspiring. (For which I take no credit. Whatsoever.)

OG: If a five-year-old asked you what you do for a living, what would you say?

I have the sweetest gig in the world. I go to concerts, listen to albums, talk to musicians, and try and write about these experiences for the rest of Toronto.

OG: Can you talk about a few inspirations and/or motivations for how you live your life?

My basic life goal is to treat other people the way you want to be treated. It’s the easiest rule in the world to remember, if not always the easiest one to live by. I do my best. On a slightly more complicated level, I try to live life to the absolute fullest – which means working and playing hard and sleeping when necessary. I am motivated by people who love other people and by strong women.

Also, don’t sweat the small stuff.

And, of course, YOLO.

OG: How do you feel about Cannabis?

I think cannabis is a great thing. I am an occasional pot dabbler. It is a great addition to most parties. It does wonderful things for many people. It also gives music a whole other dimension.

OG: Favourite spots to smoke pot?

My bed. Once I found a rolled joint at my house after my birthday party, and I kept it on my nightstand to slowly chip away at every night. It was the best week of sleep I’ve ever had.

OG: Favourite thing to eat when you are high?

Everything? But crunchy Cheetos or Bugles, if I had to choose. Usually I’m a sweet-tooth, but not after smoking pot. There is something so satisfying about the crunch.

OG: Can you talk about the process of finding your writing voice?

I don’t think I write all that differently now than I did when I was a younger. My writing voice is basically Julia LeConte. My friends and family tell me that they can hear me when they read my writing.

Finding your writing voice is all about having editors who have the confidence in you to let you be you. When you feel supported, it’s easy to write more honestly.

That said, I’m completely influenced by people who I read, write and edit. Sometimes I write a sentence and think: Wow, I was influenced by Carla Gillis or Ben Boles (two of the music writers at NOW). When you’re constantly reading people it seeps into your writing, for sure.

OG: Can you tell us about your writing process please. Coffee? Patting cats? Pacing?

The only constant in my writing process is procrastination. I do my best work when I’m under the gun. I’m definitely a morning writer, so I’ll wake up at 5 a.m. to pound out 1,000 words instead of staying up late. I like to drink wine and write but I usually get less productive after a couple of glasses. I also get more brave though, which can be a good thing. Oh, and I don’t drink wine at 5 a.m. when I’m writing. That would be gross, even for me.

OG: Advice for anyone who would like to write for a living?

Practice makes perfect. Always defer to your editors. Stop thinking you know more than anybody who has more experience than you. You don’t. Read a lot.

OG: What is your favourite thing about racing Rappers on skateboards?

My favourite thing about racing rappers on skateboards is not falling off in front of them. There is a certain high you get from avoiding complete embarrassment.

OG: Advice for anyone who wants to start running?

Like most things, you have to give running a real go. Do it consistently for three months, and you’ll probably love it. But the first three months might suck. And you have to tough that out.

Also, some people hate running and get down on themselves for it. No need. Running is absolutely not for everyone. If it sucks, find something else to do.

Also: exercise isn’t supposed to be fun all the time.

OG: Can you touch on something you had to overcome in order to get to where you are now?

Something that I have not yet overcome – but that I’ve faced head-on and that I continue to mostly successfully do battle with – is Imposter Syndrome. It’s a mostly female problem, where we think we’re faking everything and don’t deserve our successes. When men get jobs or promotions or have milestones, they don’t question themselves. Women are constantly feeling like we tricked everyone around us or aren’t ready or don’t deserve our success. It’s fucked up. But the first step in overcoming it is being aware that it exists, and that it’s bullshit.

OG: How do you feel about feminism?

I feel great about it. Feminism got me where I am today. Feminism is crucial. It’s been a tough year for women. The recent Jian fiasco is just a fraction of the sad events that have happened this year with Ray Rice and Floyd Mayweather and Oscar Pistorius. Feminism is more important that ever.

OG: How do you feel about monogamy?

Personally, I feel great about monogamy and want that for the rest of my life. But, I fully support other people going buck wild with alternate lifestyle choices. Whatever floats your boat. But BOTH people in the relationship should know if it’s monogamous or not.

OG: Can you define the following words for me please: stoner girl, groupie, misogynist, feminist.

Stoner girl: Sure-of-herself girl/woman who sometimes listens to “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” by Eminem.

Groupie: Man or woman who loves being passionate about someone and follows them around for a bit. No negative connotation.

Misogynist: A person who believes women are inferior to men.

Feminist: A person who believes men and women are equal.

OG: What do you think the next wave of feminism will be like?

I hope that the next wave of feminism is vocal and uncompromising. We shrug off and accept a lot of bullshit. I know that I do. Why do we accept that women still get paid less? Get treated like second-class citizens? Get slut-shamed for being sexual beings? I’m sick of accepting, and the older I get, the more comfortable I am speaking up and calling people on their bullshit. I remember a few years ago I had a good friend who always, always called people on bullshit. Sometimes it would make things awkward and I’d think, “ahhh just let it go.” But now, I’m more like her. And I appreciate her for teaching me that.

OG: Remember the moment you realized you were a Feminist?

Yes. I wasn’t as fully cooked as I am now, by any means… but: I was in Grade 12 Sociology class. One of my friends answered a question with a snorty, dismissive laugh, like “I’m not a feminist” as if it was a yucky term. And I thought how immature and stupid she seemed. I didn’t say anything about it, and I’m sure that she is a feminist now. But it turned me off, and I realized then that I was, in fact, a feminist.

OG: Women you think are amazing?

My mom. My colleagues at NOW. My sister. Women who work with marginalized people. Michele Roberts, who is the leader of the NBA Union. Mindy Kaling. Beyoncé.

OG: Do you think it is possible for there to be Feminist Eel Porn?

Absolutely. As long as the eels are treated as the queens that they are.

OG: Some things you think every Feminist should see and/or hear?

Their own face without makeup on as much as possible (you’re beautiful the way you are).

OG: How many cats are too many cats, for one woman to own?

Depends on the size of the house. I just moved into a new studio apartment that is perfect in every way except that it still smells like a cat litter box. So, if your house is big enough and well ventilated, the sky is the limit. Well, maybe more than 3 would be weird. Four, max.

OG: What excites you the most about your future?

That I get to spend it with my partner and new family.

OG: Where should stoners visit in Toronto?

Riverdale park. It’s my favourite spot to look at the skyline. It’s pretty. And there aren’t a million people everywhere.

OG: Can you list your passions in order of importance?

Love, music, wine, food, sports.

OG: Any Radio Shows you can’t live without?

Hmm. No. I listen to a lot of NBA podcasts though.

OG: Favourite venues in Toronto?

Danforth Music Hall is my absolute fav venue for live music. Love the size. Love the sloped floor. Love the location and energy. Love the staff. Oh, and it’s right across from my pad. I also like Massey cause you get to sit on comfy seats. And the Amphitheatre in the summer. It’s actually worth the harrowing journey for the open-air and the pretty sunsets and the intimate-ish setting.

OG: What song(s) always make you dance?

Any DJ Mustard song. Most Beyoncé songs. Most Michael Jackson songs. “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang. “Dance to the Music” by Sly & the Family Stone.

OG: What do you think the secrets to happiness are?

Be true to yourself. Don’t compromise too much. Love yourself. Overindulge sometimes. Make friends. Be generous. Relax when possible.

OG: How do you feel about fashion?

I love fashion! I’ve always loved it. If I had more money I’d be so much more fly.

OG: When do you think women really need to be brave?

When we’re in situations that we don’t want to be in. When a man is making us feel uncomfortable. When a man is making another woman feel uncomfortable. When someone is telling a sexist or misogynistic joke. When song lyrics make us feel degraded and undervalued.

OG: Anyone you’d love to work on a project with?

Kanye West. I would work with him on anything. A diorama, even.

OG: Any advice for girls looking to break into a creative field?

Work hard, practice, support your fellow women. Don’t doubt your abilities. Be kind. Don’t buy into any way you believe a woman is supposed to behave. Just behave like yourself and respect others.

OG: What are you most proud of? It can be anything!

I am pretty proud of being the music editor at NOW magazine. That’s probably the thing. I used to be a champion beer funneller in my day, too.

OG: What’s next for you?

It’s funny. I’ve never, ever known the answer to this question. I’ve never had five-year plans or really planned ahead, or known what my next move was. But, I recently decided to move to Edmonton with the love of my life. So, Edmonton with Jesse is next. World domination shortly after.

She is right about everything! Especially the eels are queens part. 😉

For more examples of why we are certain Julia is a fantastic person, find her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Thank you so much for your time Julia and for being a truly amazing woman! Happy trails!

Toke it easy,


Tacago — Our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer

Hey Everyone! Tacago is our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer!!!!!

😀 😀 😀

Tacago is a Stoner Girl living and loving in Toronto, Canada, she’s also an …

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.36.53 AM[/caption%5D

Yep, Tacago is all those things AND she is also quite possibly one of the friendliest women in Canada! (Friendly people are the fucking best, btw.)


In addition to being smart, sexy, amusing, vibrant and totally tenacious–she’s a cheeky Activist with a heart of gold who wishes to make the world beautiful and fun wherever she roams!

She’s a total minx but I feel like more than being sexy for men, she is sexy because it makes her happy and men are just lucky that they ever get to be around her. Hah. Lucky bastards!

After a brief conversation with Tacago it was absolutely obvious what is important to her in life–her family, her friends, her community, love, dancing, and creativity!

In summation, we chose Tacago as our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer because her spirit is contagious, her heart is inspirational, she smokes weed and is totally gorgeous and brilliant in every way possible!

Just look at her glowing in this weed field …

[caption id="attachment_9776" align="aligncenter" width="533"]Bvb2b7kIYAE-X5Y @TaCaGo on her #2broadsabroad European Tour


@TaCaGo on her #2broadsabroad European Tour

Also, did I mention she can rap? She can rap!

The other night one of my friends came over and played the following video for me and I was all like, “yyyaaaahh, I just interviewed that terrific grrrl. She’s our Girl of Summer!”

“Ma Bicyclette”

You can casually stalk Tacago on the internet via TwitterInstagram, Tumblr and Youtube

Check out my interview with Tacago, our 2014 Stoner Girl of Summer!!!

OG: Can you tell us a little bit about #LWKI, why you started it, what it means to you, whatever you want to share.

Sure. I started #lwki as a hashtag. It stands for Look Who’s Killin It. Basically, I’d see one of my girls doing big things with their art online and I’d say something like “Well, well, well, Look Who’s Killin It”.  Like a, “Dang girl, good job”, type of props. So I started using the hashtag and then eventually decided to turn it into a blog. On the blog, I profile and highlight female artists who are Killin It in their chosen medium. I make it very social, asking them to answer the four #lwki questions via their personal social media. It’s a way to help promote and let more people know about women in my network who inspire me. Hopefully, through my blog others can get inspired a bit more too.

OG: Please tell us who or what SidePonyNation is?

SidePonyNation is the most dynamic duo of all duo’s of all time…self proclaimed…but so true. My BFF Ly Moffatt and I started it as a comedic hip hop duo when we were in University, but it has grown into basically encapsulate anything we do together. We make comedic videos, perform live music, we’ve ridden our bikes across Ontario for charity, and most recently we did a social campaign called #2broadsabroad on Instagram for our 1-month euro tour/sabbatical. We are multi-platform artists and SidePonyNation is our name. We have stickers and button, so you know it’s legit.

OG: Why the name “SidePonyNation”?

SidePonyNation was Ly’s idea. Our first song together was called the SidePony Anthem.  The name came out of both of us rocking the sidepony hairstyle quite frequently. A sidepony is quite versatile. You can wear it high, or low, to the left or the right, in a braid, in a messy bun, it can be polished and professional or straight up wild and crazy….kind of like us, metaphorically speaking. The SidePonyNation vibe is funny and about having a good time and being happy. We try to create uplifting music as well as get involved in projects that have a positive impact. And we audition a lot to be on reality TV. I think we just need to make our own show.

OG: What made you decide to become an emcee?

The rap god’s. So Eminem I guess. 🙂  lol. Not sure it was a decision, it kind of just happened. One year in University Ly Moffatt started teaching herself how to play the guitar and she started writing songs. I just wanted to perform with her, so I started rapping. And then we would write more songs  As a kid I would make up rhymes and songs a lot, and I free styled with my brother and his friends in high school so that kind of opened up the rap world to me. Also, loved Missy Elliot growing up so I think she kind of inspired me to go for it.

OG: I see you rode your bike across Ontario for “Right To Play” — what was that like? What other causes mean a lot to you?

It was truly an amazing experience. We rode 1896km in 12 days, sometimes having 200km days…it was the most mentally and physically challenging adventure I’ve ever had. What stuck with me though was that before we left one of our followers wrote on our Facebook page “Whatever your mind says, your body will do.” I really connected with that as a mantra and it was beautiful, our province is really an amazing one…well our whole country really. Right To Play is a great charity and promoting play and healthy active lifestyles in children is something that is super close to my heart. I am a Recreation and Leisure grad from the University of Waterloo so …

OG: Saw your “Amazing Race” audition video, have you thought about applying to be on “Mantracker”?

We just love making reality TV audition videos…one day we’ll get one. I’ve actually always wanted to be on Mantracker. I think I’d pee my pants and cry though because I’d be so scared lol But yea I’m in!

OG: If a five-year-old asked you what you do for a living, what would you say?

I would say I am an artist. A musician, a dancer, an actor a writer. Then they would probably look at me funny, so I’d say “Tag you’re it” and run away from them.

OG: Can you talk about a few inspirations and/or motivations for how you live your life?

I tend to live in the now, for better or worse. I am usually motivated by those close to me. I try to surround myself with people who are inspiring or impressive to me. You are who your friends are right. Positivity and happiness are of utmost importance though.

OG: What are three things you would like to be known for?

Comedy, Energy, Dance.

OG: How many cats is too many cats for one woman to own?

I think if a woman is asking herself this question then maybe she needs to stop.

OG: How do you feel about feminism?

It’s the best.

My mother is a feminist and raised me to think like one, but in a lot of ways I never really thought about it. Feminism is something women who came before me fought for, and I just knew and accepted because I am a woman I am a feminist. But as I get older I’m seeing more and more that feminism is about action and being heard. It’s about saying something when you feel something was done unjustly because you are a woman. Not being silent and accepting the status quo. For example, in your article entitled,  “About that scantily clad woman dancing along…” about the way in which the EXCLAIM writer described me in the new Philly Moves video, you took a stand and said something about it. You called it out for being wrong. And I appreciate how you had the back of your fellow woman. Feminism is really about action I think. I read the same thing, took issue with it, but didn’t really acknowledge it or look at it as something I could affect. And you did. That’s true feminism to me. The action. The voice. The having the backs of all women and all human kind. It’s a tough job to be a feminist.

OG: Do you think it is possible for there to be Feminist Eel Porn?

Anything is possible…dare I google eel porn?

OG: What do you think the next wave of feminism should be called?


OG: Are there any questions you are sick of being asked?

“Do you have a boyfriend?” But only when my grandmother asks me as it then leads to her talking about her own mortality and how she would love to be at my wedding. And then she’ll show me pictures of my cousins new babies.  It’s exhausting.

OG: What stoner stereotypes do you fully embrace? Are there any that you find offensive or untrue?

I embrace the whole “open your mind, man”, stereotype and I like it when people call me a hippie. I’m not really offended by the negative ones as I know they have the potential to be true, i.e.. slacking, unmotivated. It’s just up to the stoner to realize when and if they need to take a break and re-evaluate how and why they are smoking. I also definitely get the munchies.

OG: Any advice for girls looking to break into a creative field?

Be a do’er. Just create, and learn and follow through. There must always be action. An idea is nothing without it.

OG: What are some of your favourite things about girls who like to get stoned?

They are cool as fuck. They make you laugh. And they are really good at making great snacks even when sometimes they have to MacGyver something with whatever they have in their cupboards.

OG: Where is your favourite spot to smoke pot?

I like smoking in weird little nooks that you can hot box or cool spots you have to mission to. But usually anywhere in nature is pretty much the best.

OG: Do you remember when you first smoked pot or when you first fell in love with it?

I first smoked in high school with my two older brothers at a New year’s party. I only smoked a bit after that, but it was always with my boyfriend at the time and his friends. I didn’t really like it then because we’d be in his garage with all his friends and I’d be the only girl, and I’d get weird and paranoid, so I stopped smoking. But later in University I started smoking with my best girlfriends and that is when I fell in love with it. Smoking with the right people is so important when you first start out.

OG: Is there anything you avoid thinking about when you are high because it trips you out too much? (e.g. teeth, outer space)

Sometimes I’ll think about thinking, and my mind just goes around and around in this endless cycle and it’s the worst.

OG: Favourite thing to eat when you are high?


OG: When you think “Stoner Girl” who comes to mind?

Honestly. I never fully embraced the term “Stoner”. I guess it held negative connotations for me. Like stoners are dumb, and lazy, like all the bad stereotypes. Thanks to you guys I now fully embrace the term! When I think Stoner Girl I think of myself now.

OG: Can you comment on a few women you look up to?

My #lwki artists all really inspire and help motivate me to keep getting better. Also my other half @lymoffatt is really a woman I look up to. I feel so lucky having such a talented, hard-working, intelligent best friend. It’s pretty cool. And Beyonce.

OG: Is there something about yourself that you think people would be shocked to know? 

I take off my clothes for money.

Shocked? 🙂

I do life drawing modelling. 😉 If you followed my SidePonyNation #2broadsabroad trip through Europe on Instagram this may not be that shocking to you as we took off our clothes as much as possible. I love how nudity is nothing there. We are such prudes here, who sexualize everything.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.34.33 AM

IG: @SidePonyNation

OG: What is your favourite way to spend a day?

Wake up, do yoga, have coffee and breakfast with friends. Maybe go to an audition or rehearsal, be productive in some way. Then meet up with some friends for dinner and an event,  be social in some way. And then perhaps a romantic rendez vous for some cuddles…or not.

OG: How do you relax when you feel stressed?

Yoga has helped me with everything in life. Or I’ll smoke pot to get me into a different headspace. If it’s really bad though, and I’m having an existential crisis or something, a long talk with my momma does wonders.

OG: How do you feel about monogamy?

In theory, I love it. In practice…there are so many people in this world…how can you settle on just one… forever?

OG: How do you feel about money?

Money is the root of all evil.

OG: How do you feel about beauty?

I try to find the good, and in many ways the beauty, in everything.

OG: How do you know when you are in love?

It’s that feeling in your chest. Or maybe it’s just limerence. I don’t know, I fall in love a lot.

OG: Anyone you’d love to work on a project with? 


And, like you, I’m a big fan of Philly Moves, would love to work with them again on a more musical level. Perhaps I’ll pen a #fuxwitchu response verse. Maybe we collab on it Onya?

OG: Best moustache in the adult film industry?

I clearly need to watch more porn.

OG: Any songs you can’t get enough of this summer?

In Europe I was shown a lot of wicked new music, especially French music. Been listening to Odezenne, and stuff released by Délicieuse Musique which is so fresh and really varied in what they release. Prior to Europe I just constantly listen anything my girl @DjFeelgoodsmalls mixes and puts up on her soundcloud. She’s kind of my go to music connoisseur. Check her out.

OG: What excites you the most about your future?

Everything. New experiences. Getting older. Life. Love. The impending paradigm shift that our culture is experiencing. Everyday is new. I like new.

OG: Do you have an opinion on the topic of hip hop and cultural appropriation?

I’m a big fan of sharing culture and borrowing from cultures that inspire me. Whether it be fashion, language, food, dance. But there is definitely a line crossed when one takes ownership of someone else’s ideas or borrows sacred cultural traditions and doesn’t have the knowledge or reverence it deserves. That is where it gets offensive. Ignorance is a big part of the problem when culture disseminates. I think it is a good thing though, because then it raises the question of what is right and wrong, and get’s people talking about the issue, which hopefully will lead to less mass ignorance.

OG: What cultures do you feel the most passionate about?

I love me some Italian men….oh thats not what you meant?

I am half Italian and Half portuguese, but 100% Canadian. Unfortunately, I speak neither language, but I do feel really connected to my heritage through my grand parents and through the food. And when I’ve travelled to both countries I really did feel at home.

OG: Do you stroke the short part of your hair when you are thinking?

No, but I will just sit there holding my own breast as I stare at my computer screen sometimes. (Like right now.)

OG: Can you define the following words for me please: emcee, rapper, groupie

Master of the mic.

Spitter of rhymes.


OG: Is there a song in this world that always lifts you up?

I want you back – Jackson 5

OG: Do you remember the moment you realized you were in love with dancing and where if you favourite place to dance?

Dancing was something we always did as kids. My mom would put on records, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller of Robert Palmer, and we’d have living room dance parties. Those are my earliest memories. Favourite place to dance is on a stage. I just like the space… and the attention.

OG: What do you love most about Toronto?

The vibe. How it’s really just a bunch of neighbourhoods that make up the city. The food.

OG: What do you love most about Canada?

The diversity. Both in our natural world and in the people who live here. We got a little bit of everything, and I love that.

OG: Is SidePonyNation doing some touring this summer?

We just got back from our #2broadsabroad tour/sabbattical that brought us to France, Germany and Spain. It was a pretty big trip for us and has made us even more pumped to be back inToronto and ready to start some new projects we’ve been thinking about. You can check out our adventures on Instagram.

OG: What should we watch out for from #LWKI?

More frequent content and more parties hosted. There’s also been interest to start different chapters in other provinces and cities. Toronto isn’t the only place with a plethora of #lwki babes.

OG: What are you looking forward to most in the rest of 2014?

I am dancing in an upcoming belly dance rock opera called Inanna which tells the story of Inanna the Sumerian Goddess of love. We’ve been in rehearsals for a few months and it’s going to be premiering November 19th, 2014 at The Mod Club on College. We have an amazing band, 8 belly dancers, all original music and @lymoffatt is the lead vocalist. It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you get all the details.

Can’t wait to see this belly dance rock opera you speak of! Thank you for your time and thank you for being beautiful, friendly, inspirational and hilarious!

Toke it easy everyone,


The Stoner Girls’ Guide to Julia LeConte — Our 2014 Stoner Girl of Fall

Super thrilled to announce that NOW Magazine’s Music Editor, Julia LeConte is our 2014 Stoner Girl of Fall! In Julia’s own words, she is a “feminist first, everything else second” — one of the many reasons we adore her!

For our beloved worldwide readers who might not be overly familiar with Julia and the brilliant words she has written — here is our guide to her writing (our favourite pieces), all perfect examples of her wonderful spirit, intelligence and beauty …

Julia LeConte’s Bio

Röyksopp and Robyn at Echo Beach

Video Music Awards big on Beyoncé, short on surprises

The real problem with Taylor Swift’s video?

Julia LeConte’s Top Ten Albums

Joe Fresh sucks anyways

The following video features Julia and lots of great discourse on Pop Music and Feminism!

For more examples of why we are certain Julia is a fantastic person, find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Thank you for being amazing Julia!

Toke it easy everyone,


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