Happy October!

Grasp each day of October like it is the icy hand of a zombie you’ve fallen in love with! Or vampire. Or werewolf. Or dude from “The Shape of Water.” Love is love.

Hello Botched Glass Snowcone, Goodbye Summer

I picked up a random white to make the cone for this snowcone pendant. The glass ended up being not very white at all. No wonder it was nice to work with (white glass tends to be tricky).

Posting this to burn into my memory the importance of double-checking / really knowing the colours I’m working with. Even though this didn’t work out, it is my last snowcone of the season but candy corns call for white too!

Goodbye summer. Happy Fall!

Alchemy Mint, 441 Implosion

I love working with Glass Alchemy’s “Alchemy Mint”. Here it is as a backing and loop on an implosion. I put black dots onto a flattened piece of clear glass and imploded them into the clear, creating the effect you see. Then I added the minty colour!

Fun fun.

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