HYER Big-E Rig Review : Bye Bye Old E-Nails!

“HYER’s goal is to reinvent conventional vaporization through utility focused innovative design. Geeky, yes. But very powerful. We’ve engineered our hardware to be functional yet elegant lifestyle pieces that are as comfortable with you in the kitchen as they are in your tv room – together we move with you.”

Oh my gosh yes! I love this company and this product!! The Big-E Rig is literally everything I’ve ever needed and wanted from a dabbing experience. This is beyond one of my all-time favourite products! I love that I can use my own glass and just adore the whole experience.

I have a typically unrealistic expectation of products. I’ve used so many that when I get a new one I want to be able to take it out of the box, not read the instructions and have a great first experience with it. This product is absolutely that dream come true!

I literally don’t have one single bad word to say about this product other than, FUCK DO I EVER LOVE IT! (Sorry for the swearword dad.)

The icing on the cake is that my cat can’t knock this over as easy as a rig that is attached to an e-nail and plugged into the wall. Nor can I forget to turn it off and risk lighting my apartment on fire! Whoot!

Thanks HYER, stay dope!

Happy Caturday!

Here are a couple of glass cat paws I made. I like to make them as a warmup on the torch. Working on adding more detail (like the claws) but want to keep them cartoonish and fun!

Hi. I live with O.C.D.

I find writing about how Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) impacts me extremely difficult.

Drawing it as a cute little ghost is slightly easier.

It isn’t that I’m embarrassed of living with OCD.

Though it can be super embarrassing.

I wish I didn’t have it but I guess I don’t know what life without it would be like.

All I really know is that OCD is painful to live with and when I try to write about it my head gets all jumbled.

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