Cannabis Patch After Midnight

Spent a little time, in the middle of the night, in one of my all-time favourite cannabis gardens. This photo makes everything look super dark but the whole garden was totally illuminated by the moon. It was too beautiful! I think the massive security dogs agreed as they ran in circles through the patch the entire time I was there. (They know me, hence the not eating me.)

These plants are going to be totally massive by harvest time!!

Happy #710 / Dr. Dabber Boost: Black Edition Review

I got a Dr. Dabber Boost: Black Edition in the mail just in time for #710! I was pumped when it arrived and can confidently say it is my favorite Dr. Dabber product after only one weekend with it. My roommate agrees …

“This is the best eRig that I’ve ever met.” – @BonitaTricOm

Boost: Black Edition comes with a magnetic loading tool and carb cap but it really confuses me. I feel like there is a point to the magnets that I am missing! If someone reading this knows what it is, please fill me in.

The box it came in is pretty fun. Since the whole point of this unit (for me) is for traveling, the nifty case is much appreciated.

My roommates and I had a great debate about which of the following pictures is better. Let me know what you think! Even if you think they both suck. 🙂

Do you like the first or second photo? Hmmm … please comment to help my roommates and I settle this argument!

Also, HAPPY #710 everyone!

p.s. I couldn’t find a video of the Black Edition version of the Boost but here is a video of the original …

Mostly-#Vegan Homemade Maki

Some dear and dope friends came to visit me last weekend and we made homemade maki to celebrate! Most of these rolls are vegan, there are just a few deep-fried shrimp ones on the plate. The sweet potato rolls I always make with sweet potato fries — cause lazy!

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