Stoner Fashion – DIY

My favourite fashion statements are homemade ones! Here are some examples!

Worlds Best Grandma made this amazing CUNT brooch by revamping an old socially acceptable brooch she found.


A boy made me this amazing Misfits cap by cutting up one of his old Misfits tshirts and sewing chunks onto the hat!


Toke it easy and create!


Kit Nail Polish Review

I don’t overly give a fuck about my nails. I am a good lesbian so I keep them clean and short and that is about it.

I do like to paint them sometimes but I am scared of a lot of the chemicals in polish. I saw a nail polish brand at my local Rexall PharmaPlus called “Kit” that claims to have no toluene, DBO or formaldehyde. So I picked up a bottle of “Teal Tango” to give it a try.

2013-07-04 13.30.37

It went on really nice and I didn’t get high off the fumes. Which is a good thing as I prefer a THC high over a chemical high any day.kitnailpolish2kitsnailpolish

So it had chipped by the next day. Which I am actually cool with as it means it probably doesn’t have a plethora of freakish chemicals in it. I just painted over it again and it is lasting this time!

So yah, I don’t give a fuck about my nails but I love teal and this nail polish is pretty fucking alright if you ask me!

Toke it easy,


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