Happy Caturday!

By: Onya Ganja

Hello dearest readers and Happy Caturday to all!

2013-02-22 16.36.35

Ace and I were sitting around wondering how to celebrate Caturday this week.

2013-02-23 14.42.56

Then I remembered I had recently stumbled upon Ace’s favourite shirt …

2013-02-23 14.43.12

“Oh how I’ve missed it” said Ace …

2013-02-23 14.40.02

Can Caturday get any better than this? Ace doesn’t think so!

2013-02-10 12.00.49

In other kitty news, Kelly Kat’s little Groucho hasn’t been feeling well, so lets all send good health vibes his way this Caturday!

Toke it easy readers and pat a cat!

Onya Ganja

Jenna Marbles’ Guide to Hair

Felt this was appropriate for the Stoner Girls’ Guide to Beauty cause’ Jenna Marbles is beautiful AND on drugs … riiight? She’s got to be … and I mean that as a compliment.

Toke it easy!

Onya Ganja

Why everyone should go see Evan Penny’s : Refigured exhibit

What’s the best thing to do while stoned in Toronto? Go to the Art Gallery of Ontario and look at fucked up shit for free of course! Every Wednesday night between 6 and 8:30 pm the AGO lets poor young adults like me in to appreciate some fine as fuck art FOR FREE.

About a month ago (I think… who keeps track of time these days?)  I spent a couple of days chilling in a hotel with my Dad in Toronto . Usually when I go to Toronto, I spend my time in a basement watching movies, drinking beer, and catching up with my high school crew, but this time I was kidnapped by a gentleman friend of mine, and taken on a whirlwind tour of the city (and by whirlwind tour, I mean the dragged me all around the city for six hours on a search for what can only be described as “that one crazy guy who is always playing the banjo and singing in Russian”).. Needless to say, there was a lot of drinking and smoking involved. After polishing off a bottle of wine each, smoking what seemed to be an ever lasting joint, and going on a quest for doughnuts, we finally got to the AGO for their weekly free night. I don’t remember much about a lot of the art I saw, but the one thing I can remember is walking into a random room and seeing this mother fucker looking me right in the eyes.


I only wish that I had consumed more drugs for this experience. These sculptures were too much to handle in the drunk/high state I was in… I can’t imagine what I would have done had I been on mushrooms (Yes I can, I probably would have fetal positioned in a corner claiming that the giant bodyless men were making fun of my glasses). Either way, there is nothing more terrifying than giant sculptures of people that look more realistic than the person you’re standing next to. My mind didn’t know how to perceive what was going on around me.

All I can say is that if you’re in the mood to question reality and look at some excessively hyper-realistic sculptures of ugly old men and naked people… then definitely go see Evan Penny’s: Refigured exhibit. That shit changed me.


Stay High,

Worlds Best Grandma

Mad Men (2007-2010)

By:  Worlds Best Grandma

Genre: TV Drama

Awesome Level: Sexy Awesome

Cheese Burger Rating: screen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pmscreen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pmscreen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pmscreen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pmscreen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pmscreen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pmscreen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pmscreen-shot-2012-07-16-at-12-35-32-pm 8/10

How can I even begin to describe how amazing Mad Men is? I can’t. After having watched all seasons of this show (excluding the 5th season – that is never to be spoken of) the only conclusion I can draw is that for some reason, watching chauvinistic men drink scotch excessively, chain smoke, and have promiscuous sex with many women, is one of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen…

In my non professional opinion, the first two seasons are the best seasons. As soon as the show transitions into the 1960’s the whole thing kind of goes down hill… because really, who the fuck wants to watch a bunch of men in suits sit around and respect women and talk about communists? NOT ME! (I’m joking of course… I guess)

Even though every time I watch Mad Men I get the feeling that I just watched a bunch of people sit around and do nothing…. I just can’t stop watching it. Their lives are just too sassy and gripping! And even if you don’t really like the story line, if you’re a shallow douche like me, you’ll at least be able to appreciate the fact that everyone in the show is really fucking nice to look at for extended periods of time.

To conclude, I highly suggest that everyone at least TRY to watch Mad Men for a little while… chances are you’ll get so addicted that you start pounding back scotch in dark corners and hitting random bitches who disrespect you. This show is as addictive as the cigarettes they are constantly smoking.

Stay High,

Worlds Best Grandma

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