To be Frank…

This post doesn’t need much. All I have to say is that the album ‘Frank’ By Amy Winehouse is the best breakup album of all time. If you’re in the mood to feel swag, sexy, and a little bit nostalgic, this album will hit the spot juuussttt right.


And for some reason, every time I listen to this album in my post break up haze of alcohol and weed I get a crazy surge of creativity. Last time I broke up with someone I ended up pumping out some of my favourite paintings of all time.

Granted… a couple of them got destroyed amidst a couple of hillbilly-esk fights we had*.


Stay High Readers,


* When deciding to throw your ex’s shit out a window, make sure none of your prized possessions are close by … because they will also get thrown out a window.

Freaks and Geeks (1999)


Genre: TV Comedy

Awesome Level: Infinite Awesome

Cheese Burger Rating: All the Cheese Burgers That Have Ever Existed (Which means 10/10)

When I was 15 years old and just beginning my Jason Segul obsession,  I saw this show on his IMDB…. Good God was it the best discovery of my entire life. I can very vividly remember, late at night, smoking weed out of my ‘slush puppy turbo’ makeshift bong, making gigantic atomically correct ears out of clay (did you know that ears never stop growing? that’s why I was making gigantic ones… but that’s for another post I guess), and watching Freaks and Geeks on repeat.

I couldn’t find a single bad thing about this show if fukkin’ I tried. Where do I even begin…

The star studded cast perhaps? Linda Cardellini (that chick from ER). James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Martin Star, Joe Flaherty (one of the funniest men that has ever lived), Dave Allen… need I go on? All of these awesome people mushed into one show can create nothing BUT brilliance!

Let’s move on to the fact that this show was primarily written by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow. You might not recognize Paul Feig’s name.. but I assure you he is worthy of a mention. He has written for, directed, and been in movies and shows such as 30 Rock, Bad Teacher, Bridesmaids, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Knocked Up, Arrested Development, Stealing Harvard, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Office, Weeds, Parks and Recreation, and Undeclared – sorry, I love this man and feel the need to rant about him every chance I get. And Judd Apatow… well fuck… it’s fucking Judd Apatow! The man is a god. He deserves to be given free shit wherever he goes and be praised by every person on this earth for eternity – let’s just say that if I could put my tits in his face every day for the rest of my life, I would.

Freaks and Geeks was made in 1999 and is about teenagers in high school in the 80’s, every time I watch it I feel like I’m watching the prelude to Dazed and Confused (If you don’t know what Dazed and Confused is you need to leave this blog, we have no tolerance for you here) – During and after watching this show I always end up smoking lots of pot and reminiscing about being in high school for at least three days straight. So my suggestion is to do just that, relax with your friends (or by yourself if you’re a loner like me), get really fucking high and think about how great your life was when you were in high school.

Stay high readers,




The Stoner Girls’ Guide to The Pharcyde ♪

♫ Onya Ganja’s 420 Four ♫ (1)

For some strange reason there was a man in my bed the other day … anyways, he proceeded to make the bold-statment that I am the only girl he knows who listens to The Pharcyde. Actually, I think he said the only person in general. That is the most fucked-up thing I have ever heard. I bet even my Grandma would love The Pharcyde (at least more than my dyke-hair-cut) and they are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE HIP HOP CREW. I could detail all the reasons why The Pharcyde is so amazing but if you just take a little listen I think it will become instantly obvious why I love them so much. Their hip hop saved my life. So roll up a fat one and enjoy!

1) The Pharcyde – Drop  … (I think my most favourite music video ever.)

2) The Pharcyde – Ya Mama

3) The Pharcyde – Otha Fish

4) The Pharcyde – Pandemonium … (Anyone who has ever seen me in a fight knows I learned all my moves from Street Fighter.)

Toke it easy!

Onya Ganja

Photo on 2010-05-08 at 22.57 #4 05-36-48

“Have you met Grumpy Cat?”

By: Onya Ganja

I was not having the best day so my stoner-best-friend sent me an email which read “Have you met Grumpy Cat? I think photos and videos of Grumpy Cat will greatly cheer you up either way!” Thanks buddy. Grumpy Cat did make me feel … less grumpy.

Grumpy Cat for all!!

(Mute the video so the talking humans don’t ruin it.)


Toke it easy and pat a cat!

Onya Ganja

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

By: Onya Ganja

I am a lazy sloth of a bitch. Perhaps the most neurotic low maintenance girl you will ever meet even. But from time to time I do my nails. My buddy got me the newish nail product on the market – Sally Hansen Salon Effects in the “Kitty Kitty” cheetah print style. They look like stickers but they are these press-on sheets of nail polish, they are stretchy and smelly.

I smoked a mixture of Sativa, Indica and hash before I did them. I resisted the temptation to act like a giant-ground-sloth and not push back my cuticles … which is good because I think I would have regretted it. All in all, putting these things on was oddly mesmerizing and it was fucking sweet that I could nap right afterwards without  messing up my nails and getting nail polish everywhere. Score. Just put a clear-coat on for safe measure after you wake up from your stoner-siesta.

So far they are still rocking out with very little chipping even after a few days of partying! I would recommend trying them once (just like everything else in the world). Although they cost about the same as a gram of weed so … maybe just for a special occasion.

Toke it easy!

Onya Ganja

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