The Skin I Live In (2011)

By: Onya Ganja

Genre: Drama, Foreign Movie, Psychological Thriller

Happy Stoner Rating: 8/10 (more weirded-out than ‘happy’ in actuality)

“The Skin I Live In” is another dark and twisted tale directed by Almodóvar. This film was fucking amazing (and fucking crrazzzyyy). Atonio Banderas is effin’ fantastic in it and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous throughout it. The script, which you will read as subtitles (which you will keep your mouth shut about) is as beautiful as your mother … probably thinks Antonio Banderas is.

Speaking of mothers … I wouldn’t recommend my mother or your mother watch this film. Or for that matter, I wouldn’t even recommend my wussy friends or your wussy friends watch this. On second thought, maybe they should, might toughen them all up a little. (This probably goes for any film directed by Almodóvar.)

I started with some Haze vapor for this film and progressed to some Kush. At one point I debated if I should be more or less high for this movie. I went with MORE high and it was an excellent choice. There are some hilarious lines in amongst the horror, i.e. when this yoga instructor is like “… yoga is great because you can do it anywhere, like a hospital … or prison.” Or when Antonio’s patient is like “I want to go home”.

Final Thought: “The Skin I Live In” is probably one of the most fucked-up-films I have ever seen but it is also definitely one the best hidden gems on Netflix.

Toke it easy,

Onya Ganja

90210 (2008-2011)


Genre: I don’t care enough to look it up.. but if i had to guess it would be ‘stupid teenage dribble’

Awesome Level: Not… at all

Cheeseburger Rating: none… no cheese burgers… ever

I’m writing this review really quickly before I got to make Onya Ganja a birthday cake with our favourite stoner friend. 90210 (2008- 2011) is pretty much for retarded people. I don’t mean to be rude or blunt or offensive or WHATEVER… but come on? The original 90210 wasn’t even that great, why did it deserve to be remade? Why couldn’t they have remade Full House or M.A.S.H? Todays youth confuses and scares me on an extremely continuous basis.

So, I guess if you’re a girl.. who likes boys… and who likes pretty hair and over priced cars and bitches who dress well… then you’ll enjoy this show. Watching it kind of made me feel less awful about my own life, because even though these shitty rich kids have beautiful in ground pools and all drive a Mercedes… not ONE of them does anything cool. Even the photographer artsy one makes me want to barf in my mouth. The show makes no sense at all to me. They literally ran through every possible TV scenario that has ever existed…. then when they ran out…. they just did it again! I was ready to drench my tv in gas and throw a lit cigarette at it!

Watching this show when you’re high… is probably the worst idea ever. All that will come of doing that is you’ll realize what a terrible mistake you made, and switch it over to something better (like Captain America… mmm… Captain Americaaaa…)

Stay High,


….. Keep in mind that in order to make this review… I had to watch the entire series…. and I may have done it willingly before this blog even existed…. I was going through a dark time in my life that involved a lot of tacos, the colour purple, and a lot of shitty tv. I’m ashamed of myself for doing that and being such a terrible hypocrite. :p

I can’t think of what to call this post.

I forget what inspired me to draw this picture… but I drew it a while ago while I was waiting for my ex boyfriend to come back from his weekly Yu Gi Oh tournament (this picture and about ten pictures of whales crushing cities). A couple of months ago I had my art displayed at the coffee shop that I work at (@The Grindhouse Café on facebook – FOLLOW US) and I wanted to have a couple of new pieces to put up to fill some space… so I guess I liked this drawing so much that I made this:

It was done with paint markers, acrylics, and water colours. As per usual.

Stay High,


Cripples Painting Pictures

I’d love to say that every painting and drawing that I’ve ever done has some sort of deeper meaning to it… but to be honest… I couldn’t give a shit about the deeper meaning of the art that I do. When I sit down to make a painting the only thing that goes through my mind is ‘what kind of music do I want to listen to?’, ‘how do magnets work?’, or ‘I wish I was eating a burrito right now.’ Don’t get me wrong, art makes me feel amazing about myself and my abilities, and it’s a fantastic way to get in touch with myself and blah blah… but I’m really just in it because I want to make shit that looks cool.

During my broken leg down time I sat down a few times and brought out ye ‘ol paints and made some stuff. These paintings are the product of perks, some random weed my boyfriend brought me, teen angst, and a lack of sleep…

When I started this painting I wanted it to be a burst of colour with a creepy as fuck tree lurking in the background…. but then the tree started looking like one of those trees on Winnie The Pooh… and all of a sudden the painting took a grey sort of turn. So BOOM, perky tree painting.


Stay High,



I’m just throwing together a post right now to fill up the space… I guarantee you that the posts will get better over time… we just need to get into the groove of things. 🙂

Over the christmas break my mom bought me acrylic and water colour paints, and a bunch of canvas. I’ve dabbled in painting a couple of times before… but I haven’t really spanned beyond painting my own shoe or a bowl of wax fruit. So, this is the first painting I’ve ever done that wasn’t a huge pile of shit. It’s yet to be named, and probably never will be. I THINK that these are raspberries? But who knows… while painting this I was hugely ripped and watching Stand By Me on Netflix :p


Stay High,



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