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The Best Vampire Movie (to fall asleep to) on Netflix: Stake Land

Unless you want to analyze Stake Land from a feminist perspective … don’t even fall asleep to it. I feel like there is a very misogynist tone to this film … women are basically just props to be raped and killed in it.

That being said there is NO character development during its entirety so … let’s be optimistic and assume that fact is partly to blame for the misogyny-feeling.

I read somewhere that Stake Land should be on everyone’s top ten favourite horror movie lists; that writer must do more drugs than I do …

One of The Best Vampire Movies Ever Made

Ummm … William Dafoe, John Malkovich & Nosferatu tho … if I need to say more …

Get. Off. My. Blog.

“Shadow of the Vampire”


(For the record my buddy and I got high and watched this and then we both had terrible nightmares/I woke up to my buddy standing over my bed clicking his claws like Nosferatu.)

We loved the film though! HIGHLY recommend it.

Toke it easy!


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